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The way begins to discover to us :

Beyond a city of rich and varied influences, it will surprise to you.
It takes a walk by its streets we will guide you in an agile route by its history, so that you discover the places and their people, what it makes the city different.
All this in completely accessible surroundings.


Ample and varied supply for your rest :

Within, it counts on establishments located in center historical of the city and others in forward edge of beach. Comfortable and cosy, all of them own services that provide a comfortable stay, as well as a charge of energy for the visitor.


Boring is not an option :

The city offers a fan of possibilities for any type of visitor who is decided to take a walk by downtown, to enjoy its beautiful beaches, to know the park natural "los Toruños", to attend a bullfighting spectacle, to lose themselves in his animated night, etc...


Enjoy, with all your senses :

If something has given fame to "el Puerto" is its gastronomy, cradle essentially in its old marine tradition. Next to the essential "pescaito frito", its great variety of stews, and the good seafood, attached it with "Vino Fino", and will have an unforgettable cooking experience.


The expression of a noble town :

Throughout the centuries always we were point of contact of cultures, which has caused the wealth and cordiality, and to allow us to enjoy a remarkable patrimony. Important samples of architecture, home of great literate, history, archaeology,...