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Un año más, desde nuestra Asociación, ponemos en marcha el Programa HidroSport...


Boring is not an option :

The city offers a fan of possibilities for any type of visitor who is decided to take a walk by the old downtown zone, to enjoy his beautiful beaches, to know the park natural “los Toruños”, to attend a bullfighting spectacle, to lose themselves in his animated night, etc...

Place data for : Marismas de los Toruños y Pinar de la Algaida

Global value: Partial accessible

General data

Avda. del Mar, 7
El Puerto de Santa María (Valdelagrana)

TELEPHONE: 956203544
SCHEDULE: 8.00 - 15.00

Accessibily data

Parking: - Partial accessible
Accesos: - Accessible
Movilidad Interior: - Partial accessible
Aseos comunes: - Accessible


It’s located between Puerto Real and El Puerto. The visit is a guided tour through a trail. There is also an audiovisual room. Always adapting visits to visitors. Disabled people are allowed to access to by itself vehicle to the bridge area. Another