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Un año más, desde nuestra Asociación, ponemos en marcha el Programa HidroSport...


Boring is not an option :

The city offers a fan of possibilities for any type of visitor who is decided to take a walk by the old downtown zone, to enjoy his beautiful beaches, to know the park natural “los Toruños”, to attend a bullfighting spectacle, to lose themselves in his animated night, etc...

Place data for : C. R. A. Coto de la Isleta

Global value: Partial accessible

General data

Camino del Tiro Pichón S/N
El Puerto de Santa María

TELEPHONE: 956.560.123
SCHEDULE: 10.00 - 19.00 horas

Accessibily data

Parking: - Partial accessible
Accesos: - Accessible
Movilidad Interior: - Partial accessible
Aseos comunes: - Accessible
Otras caracteristicas: - Partial accessible
Habitaciones: - Partial accessible
Aseos habitaciones: - Partial accessible
Otras caracteristicas: - without valuing


It is a center of environmental education and of sport in the nature. The majority of accesses are adapted. The adapted room possesses narrow corridors and the shower lacks bars and chair. He (She) has a few complete educational, sports and recreative fa