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Throughout the centuries always we were point of contact of cultures, which has caused the wealth and cordiality, and to allow us to enjoy a remarkable patrimony. Important samples of architecture, home of great literate, history, archaeology,...

Place data for : Bodega de Mora de Osborne

Global value: Partial accessible

General data

C/ Los Moros, 7
El Puerto de Santa María

TELEPHONE: 956.869.100

Accessibily data

Parking: - Accessible
Accesos: - Partial accessible
Movilidad Interior: - Partial accessible
Aseos comunes: - Innaccessible
Otras caracteristicas: - Partial accessible


The Bodegas Osborne, responds to the typical pattern of so-called "cathedral cellars." The full rooms have access ramps and aid will be needed . It lacks adapted toilet. There is a reserved parking space near the main entrance.