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Enjoy yourself with all senses :

If something has given fame to the Port is its gastronomy, cradle essentially in its old marine tradition. Next to the essential “fried pescaito”, its great variety of stews, and the good seafood. Added with Fine wine, and will have an unforgettable cooking experience.

Place data for : Bar La Herrería

Global value: Partial accessible

General data

Plaza de la Herrería nº2
El Puerto de Santa María

TELEPHONE: 956.543.004

Accessibily data

Parking: - Accessible
Accesos: - Accessible
Movilidad Interior Restaurantes y Cafeterias: - Partial accessible
Aseos comunes: - Innaccessible


It is situated in downtown Port. It has a broad terrace, an ideal place for tapas. Their access to the interior is accessible but not have enough room to maneuver. You have adapted toilet. Stresses like dish of the house "fried fish." The bag nearest pa