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Enjoy yourself with all senses :

If something has given fame to the Port is its gastronomy, cradle essentially in its old marine tradition. Next to the essential “fried pescaito”, its great variety of stews, and the good seafood. Added with Fine wine, and will have an unforgettable cooking experience.

Place data for : Bar Casa Paco Ceballos

Global value: Partial accessible

General data

Ribera del Marisco
El Puerto de Santa María

TELEPHONE: 956.542.908

Accessibily data

Parking: - Accessible
Accesos: - Innaccessible
Movilidad Interior Restaurantes y Cafeterias: - Partial accessible
Aseos comunes: - Innaccessible


Typical Bar located in the Ribera del Marisco. It is well known in the area for their fresh, large, tender and crunchy pavía de merluza (muffled hake with peppers). The letter is quite wide and it should be stressed in its variety of tapas dishes home.