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sunny summer day

The enviable weather of this corner of Andalusia, with more than 3,000 hours of sun to the year, causes that it is an ideal destiny whoever to enjoy the sun, the sea and the sports outdoors.

The weather is essentially Mediterranean, with long summers and droughts, although by the proximity of the sea their temperatures are something smoother than in zones of interior, and to invier to us short and not excessively cold. As much the spring as the autumn is characterized for being but humid but equally smooth in their temperatures

tables of windsurf taking advantage of the wind

Like in all the coastal cities of the province of Cadiz more characteristic the meteorological phenomenon is the wind. The “East” is a strong wind and constant, coming from the Straits of Gibraltar produced by the high pressures, and their dominant months are those of summer. Sometimes, when it comes from the Southeast, he becomes extremely strong, racheado, warm and uncomfortable. The other predominant wind is the “west”, it comes from the west and he is more humid and cool.