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Local land gastronomy and wines

Fino en catavino

The fine wine of the denomination of Sherry origin is only elaborated in the geographic triangle formed by El Puerto de Santa Maria, Sanlucar de Barrameda and Jerez de la Frontera. Between Fine of Jerez and el Puerto, still being a same type of wine differences exist that come given by respective microweather. The coastal situation of El Puerto and its location concerning the sea allow that the marine breezes reach the vine payments of their term and they confer to him to his musts singular characteristics of flavor and fragrance. The raising of those musts (until becoming wines) in warehouses located in the portuense downtown, flanked by the Guadalete river to the East, and by the Atlantic Ocean to the South, completes the work. For that reason the Fine wine of El Puerto is pregnant of marine influences of the stock to the glass.

Bodegas Obregón

El Fino, "The Fine one", own element of identity of the portuense culture, is considered unique and incomparable by their peculiar system of biological raising under the flower veil, leavening layer that appears of spontaneous form in the surface of the wine stored in the boot, that besides isolating to this one of the contact with the air, thus preventing its oxidation, consumes part of the ethanol of the wine and it contributes nutrients to him. The main warehouses of the city are Osborne, 501, Luis Caballero, Gutiérrez-Colosía, Terry, Obregón, y Grant o 7 Esquinas.

Plate of potatoes with small cuttlefishes

A good wine must always have a good plate to which to accompany, and that indeed does not lack in El Puerto, are prepared for a place of gastronomical excellence by antonomasia. The province of Cadiz is varied in its history and geography and this are shaped in its products. It is decided by a restaurant, one tasca or it invites a portuense to him to his table, each of its plates will hoard centennial roots of traditional gastronomy and sublimates. From the rite of the “tapeo” or it is by the day or the night, bet in any bar for benefit of the palate and the good conversador, until the most modern restaurants of author, the portuense feels proud of its gastronomical inheritance.

Table with seafood

The variety and freshness of products of the sea attract very many visitors who cannot avoid to prove “eggs aliñás”, dogfish in marinade, coquinas, squid, ortiguillas, “fried pescaito” (pijotas, puntillitas, big holes, acidities, red mullet), tortillitas of shrimps. It is not necessary to forget his marine stews; from urta to roteña, happening through the “Popes with small cuttlefishes”, sea bream to the salt, to the portuense and old “golden thistle of dog” (made up of whiting and orange, difficult to find now in the bars of El Puerto). They do not lack salads either; “Popes aliñás”, “minces” and “piriñaca”. Although it is a obviedad, of is forced fulfillment to name the seafood; prawns and prawns take the palm in the tables, but it does not forget to prove the “burgaillos”, “galeras”, “shrimps” and “cañaíllas”, will not regret. It does not discard to prove another types of products, because the kitchen garden and the mountain range provide the furnaces and kitchens with the El Puerto product coming from others regions of the province, their meats, vegetables, cheeses and chacinas are of a splendid quality. Of dessert a sky bacon, roofing tiles of almond or imperial cake, and if it is warm that better than a traditional ice cream. Later, another cooking option is a good coffee accompanied by riquísima confectioner's, that with clear Arab influence, will find in anyone of the confectioneries of the city.