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Ecomonic activities

Fishing port

Its main economic activity was traditionally the fishing and the industries related to this activity, like the canners, rederías, etc. Although at the moment the tertiary sector is remarkable and, within the same, the national and international tourism, mainly of sun and beach throughout the summer.

Marine stroll of Valdelagrana

The hotel trade emphasizes like revitalising sector of this gaditana city. It has a significant commercial and in center important development in his periphery, lodging some of the majors commercial centers and leisure of the Bay of Cadiz.

grapes cluster

Also it emphasizes by its historical past, its socioeconomic repercussion and its track in portuense urbanism the wine producing industry, based on the Fine Wine production of great quality and stop international prestige. The main warehouses of the city are: Osborne, Terry, Caballero, 501, Gutiérrez Colosía, Duff-Gordon, Grant and Obregón.

Center of economic impulse

Equally important and in clear growth, the enterprise movement is based in the city in the new and modern created polygons, where the modern infrastructures settle and share companies of national importance, regional and local.

In the city there are petroliferous facilities of CLH, from which the pipe line to Zaragoza begins.