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Natural places

flamenco in the salt marshes of the natural park

An important extension of the ground of the municipal term belongs to the Natural Park Bay of Cadiz, of great ecological value, prote'ge' from 1989. On a great estuary the deposited action of the sea, winds and fluvial sediments during centuries, have drawn a mosaic of landscapes between beaches and salt marshes that constitute the bay of Cadiz. It includes several municipal terms, introducing itself to a large extent in El Puerto de Santa Maria until limiting with the left shore of the Guadalet river.

It is worth the trouble to be visited to constitute an important habitat of reproduction, wintertime and migration of populations of more than 200 species of aquatic birds. The park shows in addition a landscape to extreme singularity with virgin beaches, salt marshes, salt mines and pine groves to us. Also the millenarian advantage is remarkable that of this means has made the human being, or with the traditional fishing with a total of up to 40 species, some of them of great commercial value, like with the salt mines approach.


The city also owns ample zones of pine groves, that have been able to maintain their health in spite of the city-planning pressure. The most outstanding pine groves are the one of Coig and Pozos of the Mercy, the one of the Oasis, the Boundary of the Islet, Shot Pigeon as well as the Dunes of San Antón, also existing others of ownership deprived like the one of the Bishop or the one of Mochicle. They lodge a great faunística wealth, with small mammals, birds like the kestrel and lechuza, and small reptiles emphasizing mainly the chameleon, species protected and in extinction danger. As far as his flora it owns a homogenous and perennial vegetation with piñoneros pines, carrascos pines, savins, retamas, lentiscos, acebuches and heather of sea.

"The other great strip that limits El Puerto would be constituted by its coast to the west, with a coast profile something more escarped with coves and long beaches. It deserves special mention the “corrals of fishing” between the beach of Santa Catherine and Sherry Port (fishing art that consists of an easily flooded construction by the tides, magnificent example of sustainable advantage of the sea and, at the same time, an historical and natural treasure in serious risk of disappearance), and the rest of a fortification of which a beach wall is conserved on foot that gives name and own personality itself.

stroll next to the corrals of fishing of the coast the west