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Local celebrations and holydays

Vehicle of horses in the Feria de la Primavera

Spring holyday of Wine Fine.

It is celebrated in spring, of there its name, and after Easter, normally it begins the last Wednesday of the month of April. Usually it is celebrated habitually just after the Feria de Abril (Seville), first of the fairs Andalusian, being the second one in time El Puerto fair. It comes to last of five days (of Thursday to Monday), although already previous Wednesday is realised the test of lighting system ignition and are many the visitors, mainly portuenses, who approach enjoys the Feria. It is located in the Fairground of the Flags, in the outskirts, next to the Highway between El Puerto and Sanlúcar. It is where all the activity usually evolves festive, besides the typical contests of riders and decoration of houses there.

Suit of gypsy in the Fair of Spring

Like typical spring holyday Andalusian who is, the one of El Puerto it shares many characteristics of its brother fairs, but it is distinguished by some characteristics. By number of houses, the one of El Puerto it is the greater fair of the Bay of Cadiz. A characteristic characteristic of the portuense fair, against other fairs Andalusian, is the opening of its houses: it is not necessary to be partner or to know to whom mounts the house to enter her and to consume anyone of typical plates of these dates. Another characteristic characteristic is the benefit of the wine from the locality to which the fair, the “Fine one” is dedicated, and by suspuesto an own gastronomy whose menu includes seafood, fried fish, tortillitas of shrimps, Moorish pinchitos, fried peppers, cabbages, snails…

Semana Santa


During the month of March it takes place the Easter; their streets fill, then, of devotee of the numerous brotherhoods and brotherhoods of the city. The steps leave a total of five temples, Church Greater Prioral, Old Hospital San Juan de God, Parish of the Carmen and San Marcos, Parish of San Joaquin and Capilla of the Rosary of the Aurora. Two are the places of visit forced for all the brotherhoods in their route. One of them is the Church Greater Prioral where they must pass all the brotherhoods that do not leave the greater church, the other the official race located in the Virgin street of the Miracles that is where they must obligatorily pass all the brotherhoods to his estimated time.

decoration of the Palacios street the day of the Virgin of the Miracles

Employer of the city, Virgin of the Miracles.

Ntra. Mrs of the Miracles according to the tradition appeared to king Alfonso X when it tried to reconquer the city to the Arabs. Once conquered the town of Alcanatif, (Arab name of the city of El Puerto), one was in the castle of this stature of a seated virgin, who king Sabio enthroned in the temple strength of the same town, and that after several modifications is the one that have arrived to the present time as it is evident with remarkable modifications.The Virgin receives cult in own chapel of century XVII in the head of the ship of the Gospel in the Church Greater Prioral. Its festival is celebrated the 8 of September with solemn procession by the streets engalanadas for the occasion with the traditional carpets of salt and sawdust colored made by the portuenses from the previous day.

Imagen de la Virgen del Carmen por el río Guadalete

Carmen Virgin.

The 16th July, like in other marine cities, the Festival of the Virgin of the Carmen is celebrated, with the stroll by the streets and passage in boat by the Guadalete river of the Image of the Virgin. The algid moment takes place in the Place of the Galeras Real, where multitude of people, in a while touching crowds itself next to the river to see the Virgin.

Cabalgata de carnaval


In February, El Puerto is united to other many cities in the celebration of the Celebrations of Carnival, in which, following the tradition gaditana, the portuenses get dressed in disguises and they are sent to the street in avalanche of a mordacious and funny color. The last day of the week there is a parade of floats. They are traditional, also, the carnival groupings (comparsas, chirigotas, etc.). El Puerto always is outstanding by his comparsas, many of them participant in the contest of the Falla theater, in the city of Cadiz.

Saint Antón.

Also in spring the festival of San Antón, that is celebrated in the pine groves of dunes of San Antón, in the stroll next to the beach of the Finishing nail of the city takes place. There the portuenses with their animal of company approach to receive the traditional blessing of the parish priest.