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El Puerto de Santa Maria is one of the most important cradles of the flamenco one. The treaty writers agree in which this cultural phenomenon is born in Cadiz and El Puerto and expands towards Jerez and Seville. The tradition flamenco singer of our city is lost in the time and can say that it remains in the purity of his older stage. El Puerto is the unique place where still the venerable medieval romances can be alive that have survived in the gypsy tradition oral, and which they are the germ of the flamenco the most primitive one. So it is thus, that our city is considered by the Chair Menéndez Pidal like one of the romancísticos centers of more interest in the Hispanic world. “Fossil living”, that would say an anthropologist, they are, by his antiquity the ways and the forms of sing that in El Puerto they are conserved: run, seguiriyas, tonás, soleás, ancient tangos, bars and an endless ones of "personal woods" due to so remarkable people in the world of the flamenco one as Tomás "El Nitri", Pedro Niño "El Brujo", Antonia "La Coquinera", Luisa "La del Puerto", José Reyes "El Negro", y Alonso, Juana y Dolores "Los del Cepillo", no forgetting to youngest, Ramon "Orillo" or "Pansequito"

Four organizations, the Flamencas Social gatherings “Tomas the Nitri” and “Hermanas Cala”, and the Flamencas Rocks “el Chumi” and “Paco Cepero” maintain the liking in their premises, in old woman cases bodegones of century XVIII, magnificently decorated, where, sometimes, a spectacle of sings or dance can be present at.


TOMÁS "EL NITRI" - C/ Diego Niño, 1 Tfno: 956.543.237 - 956.857.263

"EL CHUMI" - C/ Luja, nº 15 - Tfno: 956.540.003

"PACO CEPERO" - C/ José El Negro (Camino Viejo de Rota) - Tfno: 610.089.214

"HERMANAS CALA" - C/ Capillera, 13 (barrio alto) - Tfno: 659.215.342