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Project "guitur" keys:

This project is born from the illusion to approach the leisure and doing tourism to all the people in conditions of equality.

"The tourism is corporate property of first magnitude that must be within reach of all the citizens, without no group of population can be excluded, regardless of the personal, social, economic circumstances or of any other nature that concurs in their components. The people with incapacity, who in the European Union suppose a 10% of the total population, as a result of their increasing degree of economic and social integration, participate every time most frequently in tourist activities, despite the impediments, barriers and difficulties of all type that still persist prevent the regular and standard access them to the tourist goods and services.

This reality has taken to the associative movement of people with incapacity to proclaim inspiring criteria in the matter of tourism and incapacity that putting them in application we will be abriendo tourist goods, products and services to a group of population - the one of the people with incapacity and also, largely, majors and its families whom until the moment it had limited his total participation in this sector.

With these attachment lines, we advanced in the nondiscrimination and the access to the tourism on the part of all the people; we contribute to added value to the tourist supply; we begin to give satisfaction to the demands of citizens who not always have been themselves taken care of in their dimension of consumers of tourist goods and we extended the market to more potential clients, generating, therefore, wealth and progress.

The object of this Guía de Accessible Turismo is because to establish an exportable initiative to other associations of this group to offer information on the accessibility of tourist facilities and leisure to the people whom, by different circumstances, they have limited his physical training conditionses or sensorial, at the same time as to the totality of the population that demands major quality and comfort in the facilities that uses.

For it the level of accessibility of the leisure spaces and tourism for the benefit of the people with incapacity have been analyzed. From the results of the evaluation a guide of accessibility of the establishments was elaborated as much public as prevailed that, of an objective and resisted way, she allows to establish the valuation of the conditions of access, circulation, stay and adapted use of the facilities of tourist and social interest.

Therefore, Guía de Accessible Turismo of the Port of Santa Maria, Guitur the Port is also a data base that picks up the analysis of the conditions of accessibility which they present/display the facilities of public use, and so it as much supposes an essential tool for the residents of a territory, like for the potential visitors, whom by diverse circumstances they have decreased his conditions of mobility.

In Andalusia 708,000 people exist who undergo incapacity, which supposes a 9% of their total population. In Cadiz, according to Data of the center of evaluation and valuation, in 2005 esteem that reside 2,954 people who suffer some type of Incapacity.

For the next years a greater segmentation of the resulting tourist market of the maturity of the demand is anticipated. The height of this new tourist deposit that supposes the accessible and universal tourism will reflect in an increase in the number of travellers with some type of impediment in its displacement, reason why they will have to adapt the contents as much as the access to the information of the tourist supply to this new situation. This objective has been obtained for the locality of El Puerto de Santa María desde la Asociación la Gaviota with the accomplishment of this project, thanks to the subsidy of the Council of Innovation, Science and Company.