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About us

With the denomination of Association Portuense de Physical Disabled “La Gaviota”, constituted itself in the Port of Santa Maria, day 2 of March of 1,989, an organization of associative nature and without spirit of profit, under protection of the Law of 24 of December of 1,964 and the Decree of 20 of May of 1,965 and following ones. And now one take refuges in the new legislation, under protection of the arranged thing in article 22 of the Spanish Constitution, Statutory law 1/2002, of 22 of March, developing regulator of the Right of Association and other effective dispositions dictated and application of that one, as well as the concordant normative dispositions.

The association "La Gaviota" is member of the Federacion Gaditana de Personas con Incapacidad Fisica u Organica: “FEGADI CANF-COCEMFE CADIZ”, a nongovernmental organization, without spirit of profit and provincial scope legally constituted the 5 of August of 1986. Fegadi is formed by 29 member associations distributed by gaditana orography. In addition, it is charter member and of right plenary session of the Confederation Andalusian of People with Physical Incapacity and Organic CANF-COCEMFE ANDALUSIA and of the State Coordinating Confederation of Physical Handicapped people of Spain COCEMFE.

Associatio "La Gaviota" especially dedicates for the attention of the People with Physical Incapacity and/or Reduced Mobility, to its relatives and all those people sensitized with the problems that its situation entails.

The main goals that this organization follows:

  • The integration of the people with physical incapacity.
  • The defense of the rights of the disabled people.
  • To foment the total equality with the people who do not have any type of incapacity.
  • To improve the quality of life of the people with incapacity.
  • Promotion of activities destined to the group of disabled people.

In this way we try to obtain a total equality with the people who do not have any type of incapacity and one better quality of life for which they suffer if it.