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Transport ways

Partnership of transports:

The city belongs to the area of the Metropolitan Partnership of Transports of the Bay of Cadiz. This Partnership has like objective the management of the transports in the city and in all the bay, its information is very updated and its use totally recommended for any visitor. Telephone of information to user 902.450.550.
visit the Web of the Metropolitan Partnership of Transports

autobús urbano adaptado

City buses:

El Puerto has seven lines that cover any distance, besides several adapted buses. For more information it does click or it calls to telephones 956.857.550/900.707.071


The telephone of the local grouping of car-taxis is the 956.858.584. It can call and consult the availability of adapted taxi. Also they will be able to inform to him into tariffs, supplements and conditions.
Excellent information on the service of local taxi in this link PUERTO-TAXI.

taxi adaptado

Interurban buses:

At the moment, awaiting the aim of the construction of the new bus-station, shutdowns in the Bullring and the shutdown near the place of the Station of trains of the RENFE exist. For more information it calls to the following telephones:

Information and booking El Puerto:
Viajes Rico - C/ Misericordía, 12 - 956.875.111

General 902.199.208
Cádiz 956.807.059 – 956.807.248
Jerez 956.321.464
Rota 956.810.499
Sevilla 954.416.858

Cádiz 956.290.800
Chipiona 956.377.010
Sanlúcar 956.385.060

Estación marítima

Maritim services:

The city has two possibilities on watch marine regular of passengers with capital Cadiz. It can decide on the express, modern and totally accessible catamaran B-042 line, with 15 daily frequencies in each sense. Infórmese in the connection at the beginning of the page, telephone 902.450.550, or the harbor station in Bajamar Avenue.
If flood wants a experience different from tipismo does not lose the famous “vaporcito”, declared well of cultural interest by the Meeting of Andalusia. It is not accessible for usuary people of wheelchairs. It can call to the telephone number 629.468.014, visit the Web, or approach the situated pier in the Royal Galeras Place directly.

Estación de Ferrocarril

Train station:

El Puerto has RENFE train station of Neighborhoods and Long distance, in the Station Place S/N, in front of the Victoria Park.
It has line of constant and daily neighborhoods direction of Cadiz and Seville, with shutdowns in all the stations.
Also it has office of ticket sale of great lines, AVE, regional, telephone reserves and of Internet by means of localizer, international tickets and special supplies to groups. With respect to the line BIRD works of connection with Cadiz of the line are realised that at the moment finalizes in Seville, which would allow to arrange in the city of line of AVE.
Information and telephone bookings: 902.240.202- WEB


Aeropuerto de Jerez

The city does not have airport, but the one of the neighboring city of Jerez de la Frontera is only 20 kilometers of the El Puerto city. This airport is constituted like one of the vertebrales axes of the tourist development of the province of Cadiz, with an important international traffic.
Information telephone: 956.150.000 / 956.150.083. Web
From 7th September 2007, the Partnership of Transports has created a line on watch from bus to the Jerez Airport, from Cadiz with shutdowns in El Puerto de Santa Maria and Jerez the la Frontera. It can consult the schedules of this line of bus HERE
By highway from El Puerto de Santa Maria direction is arrived through a-4 railcar Jerez de la Frontera, to just before its connection to the N-IV.